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Álláshirdetés: Postdoc position in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Postdoc position

Host: Laboratory of Biophysics, Condensed matter physics Department, Jozef Stefan Institute

Address: Jamova 39, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Web: http://lbf.ijs.si/

Formal frame: H2020 SmartNanoTox project

Head of the lab and responsible for the SmartNanoTox project: prof. dr. Janez Štrancar

Contact: janez.strancar@ijs.si

Short description of work:

  • Lifetime analysis with the superresolution microscopy 2PE/STED FLIM
  • Exploring the interactions between nanoparticles and cells as well as between light and cells & exploring the accompanying cellular structures changes
  • Working with living cells (in vitro experiments)

Starting date: position is open

Ending date: between 2019 and 2020 (duration between 1 and 2 years)

Expected/Desired expertise of the candidate (in the order of relevance/value)

  • Ability of doing FLIM
  • Ability of doing superresolution or nonlinear imaging (STED / 2pE)
  • Molecular biophysics background
  • Physical background
  • Expertise in working with nanoparticles/cells
  • Life science background

Lacking of some expertise can be however substituted by high motivation / internal research drive / attitude to work!

Jozef Stefan Institute provides high-quality research experience with top research infrastructure and highly trained/interdisciplinary teams.

Slovenia provide well-balanced living space, with nice infrastructure, high standard together with outstandingly preserved natural environment and nice people.