Agro-and Food-Physics Section

President: Eszter Vozáry  |  Secretary: Bíborka Gillay

Photobiology Section

President: Katalin Solymosi  |  Secretary: Annamária Kósa

Ion Channel Section

President: György Panyi  |  Secretary: Zoltán Varga

Membrane Section

President: Zoltán Varga  |  Secretary: Lóránd Kelemen

Molecular Biophysics Section

President: László Smeller  |  Secretary: András Lukács  |  Vice-secretary: Zsolt Mártonfalvi

Biomedical Ultrasound Section

President: György Harmat

Radioecology Section

President: István Csige  |  Secretary: Tibor Kovács

Cell Analysis Section

The section is a society of scientists working in the field of flow and imaging cytometry, developing and applying cytometry techniques in biological research.

President: Péter Nagy  |  Secretary: Tamás Kovács

Cell Analysis Section home page

Radiobiology Section

President: Géza Sáfrány  |  Secretary: Katalin Lumniczky

All Sections follow the Statutum of the Hungarian Biophysical Society.